Brief, Carbonated critique, the cis-tem, violence

Briefly: violence of assigning genders at birth

Y’all need to cav and stop fuxing with this violent process you all basically buy into sans questioning. You think the cis-tem is only for trans people to resist meanwhile you know you mize how violent the cis-tem is cuz high key you loooove this system of oppression.

So all you motherfuckers out there who think this shit is legit (i.e. basically all of you) please miss me. ASAP-tually.

**Side eyes all of you motherfuckers who think having gender/sex reveal parties is a perfectly alright thing to do. Or think it’s okay to think about what you’d name your “girl” or “boy” offspring — like the world is running out of humans.

P.S: gender and sex are both constructions. They’re both fake as fuck. No, sex is not real just cuz you say it’s biological. One can acknowledge various organs and secondary sexual characteristics without confining them to this thing called “sex”. Humans are obsessed with narrow categorisation of natural phemomenon. If you really lack so much imagination/ability to cav the vastness of variation in biology to just two possibilities I feel sorry for you.

This has been a PSA.

[Image description: meme of a still from a show of actor Kayode Ewumi playing character Roll Safe. He is pointing with index finger to his temple with a slight smirk. The meme text reads “Can’t have cisgender children if you don’t assign them a gender at birth!”]

[Image source: Genderqueer Gengar]

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