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A six word story:

Commonwealth is “Britain stole your wealth”


#RhodesWillFall… Today at 5pm: the precedents set

You have to be a skilled ninja of avoiding news, the internet and the entire world if you are not aware of the #RhodesMustFall movement.

This movement, catalysed by the hotly contested faeces-throwing on the statue of Cecil John Rhodes, has spread far and wide, catalysing many around various parts of the country and the world to join along in support.

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Carbonated critique, Politics

When politicking triumphs politics…The saviour complex is holding us back

In a series of my tweets last evening, I pin pointed why we, South Africans, have reached these dire straits in our democracy. Playground fighting and high school petty bickering in our Parliament is common place, reaching a pique in last night’s heated events. The riot police was called in, manhandled a few MPs and forcibly removed them from the National Assembly.

That’s what it has come down to: politicians, whose jobs as MPs is to discuss and argue matters concerning our country resort to using force when it gets too heated. All of that… In defence of one man, our president.
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